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Spokane Voters Direct Their Attention to Proposition 2 🔈

October 18, 2017

"Michael Cathcart with the group Committee to Protect Spokane’s Economy opposes Proposition 2. He says it’s debatable whether Bakken crude is more dangerous than other types of oil.“


The argument that it needs to be reduced to an eight (on the pressure index) doesn’t make a lot of sense. The administration under Obama and previous administrations have agreed that that's not the best way to measure volatility," Cathcart said. "In fact there is no best single way to measure volatility.”


Michael Cathcart says several legal experts feel the initiative would be on very shaky legal ground,“You’ve got the hearing examiner for the city of Spokane, who by council ordinance a couple years ago, was mandated to look at these issues and comment on their legality and constitutionality," he said. "He came back and said this is not legal. It does not meet the standards for a legal ballot measure." 🔈



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